The inspiration for this blue and yellow chair was actually David’s own room. David wanted a “yellow” room and we compromised on a “Del Coronado Amber”, which went amazingly well with the navy blue and dark red in David’s basketball hoop (and several other navy items that he had in his room).

I found this adorable kids rocking chair on Craig’s List, then sanded it and painted it. Let me tell you, it would have been a lot easier with just one color! But, we mom’s will do anything for our little lovies, won’t we?!  David also wanted Skippyjon Jones on his chair-who can help but love Skippyjon Jones?!!! This scene was taken from Skippyjon Jones in the Dog-House (the last photo shows the cover of the book!), where “in two quiet hours” he “covered the wall with those cockeyed Chihuahuas!” scolds his Mama Junebug Jones. In our version, Skippy wrote David’s name on the chair, in addition to the chihuahuas and the writing “I am a chiwawa”.

This handpainted chair was also sprayed with an acrylic sealer to preserve the artwork and help make the chair as scuff resistant as possible.

Also check out David’s Skippyjon Tooth Fairy pillow and to find out more about Skippyjon himself and to see David’s Skippy in his Spiderman costume (that matches David’s!) click on this link.

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