This girlie tree for Kylee is done on a soft velvety sage material. The tree trunk is done in a stem stitch in varying colors of brown, while the mulitcolored green leaves are done using silk ribbon embroidery. The tree also has soft pink buds done in french knots, a pink bird using straight stitches, french knot eye, and silk ribbon for the wings, an owl also using split stitches, and straight stitches. Underneath the tree is Kylee’s name done in a soft coordinating green in a wrapped back stitch, beside the tree are several tulips done in several different shades of yellow silk ribbon, with busy bee’s also with a brighter yellow silk ribbon and accented with black embroidery floss. Ohhhhh! How could I forget to mention the little gray squirrel in the tree? He holds an acorn in his paws and sits in his little burrow in the hole in the middle of the tree trunk.  This adorable little cushion is as soft and cushy as it looks! The cushion attaches to the chair with little straps (made of the same material) with velcro tabs. The best thing about this cushion (from a parents standpoint!) is that is it machine washable! Just be sure to hook the velcro tabs together so they don’t attack the embroidery work! Don’t forget to check out more pics of the hand painted rocking chair itself-click here! For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at !