This fun little rocking chair was hand painted especially for Sam! The theme was inspired by David Weisner’s book Tuesday, where frogs on lilly pads begin to float in the air at 8:00PM one night. This little rocking chair was purchased at Michael’s and hand painted with lots of fun things that you might find in a forest near a pond or lake. The chair was painted with interactivity in mind-it’s a virtual I Spy chair! Look for two dragonfly’s, bees, honey in the hollow of a tree, an otter, several lily pads-one blooming and two getting ready to, an owl, three birds-one with a worm for her babies in a nest, another on a branch near her, and another one flying near the birch tree, three frogs floating on lily pads-one with a “cape” like in David Weisner’s book (they flew through a bunch of sheets hanging on a line), several fish looking up at the frogs, a turtle on a log, a squirrel, and three bats hanging upside down on a branch! Hmmm, did I forget anything? Oh, there are several daisies with a ladybug right in the center of one, a birch tree, two pine trees, and three other trees-one with beautiful red fall leaves! My favorite part of the chair is the silly frog on the seat with his cape who is waving to Sam. Sam’s name is handpainted right underneath this silly frog on his lily pad. Next up, a lily pad seat cushion-check back to see that!  For your own custom made children’s and baby’s items e-mail me at ! Handpainted chairs and items are painted with acrylic paints and sprayed with an acrylic sealer for durability and to make clean up easy!