This fun canvas and birdie were made especially for little Amelia’s first birthday! The canvas, bird, and card all coordinate with her Pottery Barn bedding. The canvas shows off Amelia’s birth information as well as the playful theme and colors of her bedding. The birdie is made of a soft pink chenille with a dark brown felt beak and feet and dark brown french knots for eyes. The bird’s feet have pipe cleaners (rolled up at the ends to prevent any pokes!) to allow for positioning. The card also shows of the little birdie theme with a mommy and baby birdie looking at each other. The card also has Amelia’s full name printed out in a fun font on the bottom. Check out my other fun Mommy and Baby bird items-the wooden nesting birds, mini canvas, hand painted box, and bib! For your own personalized Coffey creations e-mail me at !