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Ski Lodge Canvas

This canvas shows off a beautiful ski lodge with the family car in the front, Sparkles, the family dog, looking out the window, and the family themselves as specks in the distance (though different colored ones) on the ski slopes! Merry Belated Christmas Carolyn, John, TJ and Virginia!

For your own original artwork contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Sam’s “Tuesday” Rocking Chair

This fun little rocking chair was hand painted especially for Sam! The theme was inspired by David Weisner’s book Tuesday, where frogs on lilly pads begin to float in the air at 8:00PM one night. This little rocking chair was purchased at Michael’s and hand painted with lots of fun things that you might find in a forest near a pond or lake. The chair was painted with interactivity in mind-it’s a virtual I Spy chair! Look for two dragonfly’s, bees, honey in the hollow of a tree, an otter, several lily pads-one blooming and two getting ready to, an owl, three birds-one with a worm for her babies in a nest, another on a branch near her, and another one flying near the birch tree, three frogs floating on lily pads-one with a “cape” like in David Weisner’s book (they flew through a bunch of sheets hanging on a line), several fish looking up at the frogs, a turtle on a log, a squirrel, and three bats hanging upside down on a branch! Hmmm, did I forget anything? Oh, there are several daisies with a ladybug right in the center of one, a birch tree, two pine trees, and three other trees-one with beautiful red fall leaves! My favorite part of the chair is the silly frog on the seat with his cape who is waving to Sam. Sam’s name is handpainted right underneath this silly frog on his lily pad. Next up, a lily pad seat cushion-check back to see that!  For your own custom made children’s and baby’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com ! Handpainted chairs and items are painted with acrylic paints and sprayed with an acrylic sealer for durability and to make clean up easy!

Velvety Sage “Tree” Cushion for Rocking Chair

This girlie tree for Kylee is done on a soft velvety sage material. The tree trunk is done in a stem stitch in varying colors of brown, while the mulitcolored green leaves are done using silk ribbon embroidery. The tree also has soft pink buds done in french knots, a pink bird using straight stitches, french knot eye, and silk ribbon for the wings, an owl also using split stitches, and straight stitches. Underneath the tree is Kylee’s name done in a soft coordinating green in a wrapped back stitch, beside the tree are several tulips done in several different shades of yellow silk ribbon, with busy bee’s also with a brighter yellow silk ribbon and accented with black embroidery floss. Ohhhhh! How could I forget to mention the little gray squirrel in the tree? He holds an acorn in his paws and sits in his little burrow in the hole in the middle of the tree trunk.  This adorable little cushion is as soft and cushy as it looks! The cushion attaches to the chair with little straps (made of the same material) with velcro tabs. The best thing about this cushion (from a parents standpoint!) is that is it machine washable! Just be sure to hook the velcro tabs together so they don’t attack the embroidery work! Don’t forget to check out more pics of the hand painted rocking chair itself-click here! For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Pink and Green Birdie canvas and Bird!

This fun canvas and birdie were made especially for little Amelia’s first birthday! The canvas, bird, and card all coordinate with her Pottery Barn bedding. The canvas shows off Amelia’s birth information as well as the playful theme and colors of her bedding. The birdie is made of a soft pink chenille with a dark brown felt beak and feet and dark brown french knots for eyes. The bird’s feet have pipe cleaners (rolled up at the ends to prevent any pokes!) to allow for positioning. The card also shows of the little birdie theme with a mommy and baby birdie looking at each other. The card also has Amelia’s full name printed out in a fun font on the bottom. Check out my other fun Mommy and Baby bird items-the wooden nesting birds, mini canvas, hand painted box, and bib! For your own personalized Coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Finley’s Noah’s Ark

Check out little Finley playing with his ark! I love it! He is obviously enjoying it!  The first photo shows the hand made cross stitched sampler that his Nona made for him. This sampler was the inspiration for Finley’s ark! This handcrafted hand painted Noah’s Ark made especially for Finley comes with a Noah, two rabbits, two monkeys, two whales with water spouts, two small waves, one large wave, a dove, two elephants, two giraffes, a male and female lion, and two zebras! The ark itself has a door that can be lowered to make a loading ramp to allow the animals to be loaded or unloaded-depending on whether or not the ark is in water or on dry land (pretend of course!). The house on top of the ark has a door to allow animal and Noah entry, and it’s roof opens on both sides for the same purpose. The house sits on a platform which is open on one end to allow the child to place animals through that opening as well. The ark is finished in a natural stain to show off the grain of the wood. The house on the ark has had windows (four square and one round), and roof tiles wood burned into it for an completely unique design! The bottom of the ark has a dedication hand painted for Finley from his Nona and Granbob. I loved especially doing the unique woodburning on this ark’s house and making the fun swirly waves and water spouts for the whales!

Finley’s ark was made to resemble the cross stitched ark-particularly note the house shape and design(compared to previous ark’s), with dual roof openings, and the natural stain of the ark itself. Finley’s animals are also painted  to resemble the ones in his sampler!

Check out Jackson’s Noah’s ark with his two family dogs, and Hampton’s ark that coordinates with his room decor. For your own custom children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Kylee’s Forest Rocking Chair

This little rocking chair has a veritable forest on it for endless fun exploring for little Kylee! The chair has four trees hand painted on it-one with an owl, squirrel, flowering vine, bird and bird’s nest, the other tree-a pine tree, has a bird’s nest and a turtle at its base. The birch tree has a bees nest with bees, another owl and squirrel showing on the back of the chair, and cattails at it’s base. Additional bees and butterflies are found among the limbs of the trees on the chair. This rocking chair was purchased from JoAnn fabrics and assembled before being hand painted. For your own custom hand painted items, e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

New Year’s Clock

This little Grandfather clock was easy to make! Draw on the clock face and paint in! For fun clock ideas I love to check out clip art and adapt to make my own creations. I added on the top pieces and cut out the bottom front “legs” to make it look a bit fancier! We compressed time by counting down the hours every 15 minutes ( to make it a lot faster to reach 12:00)!  I also cut a little slot out from each number on the clock and inserted a slip of paper with two “challenges” on it-from giving this many (the number on the clock) kisses to mommy or spinning around that many times in a row! The kids loved the challenges and getting to turn the clock every “hour”! The hats and noisemakers were made last year and brought out again for even more fun! Keep checking back for more fun things to do with kids!

New Year’s Confetti/Candy Pull

This confetti/candy pull was so easy to make you wouldn’t believe it! I used an oatmeal canister, spray painted it and put on glitter. For the pull part I tied 5 ribbons together and hot glued the knot to the inside center of the lid, then I let each ribbon hang down so that when I put the lid back on the container the ribbons would each hang down for a child to hold. I filled the canister with homemade confetti, bits of candy left over from Christmas, and some fun pens and pencils-nothing too heavy or the lid might not stay put. We counted down from 10 and the kids all pulled the strings at the same time to release the confetti and goodies! They loved it, and it was resuable!  Happy New Year! Keep checking back for more fun ideas for kids!

Snowmen toss game with snowballs!

These three little snowmen are made of cardboard-just like the box they’re sitting on! One holds a snowball-watch out-and another holds a candy cane in each hand. These snowmen are fun to knock over with homemade snowballs (the snowballs are made with left over batting wrapped around a small amount of rice to give it a bit of weight)! The great thing about these snowballs is that your hands never get cold, plus they don’t hurt when they hit you! How can you beat that?! Check back for other fun ideas for kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom children’s creations!