This Ocean Critter blanket was hand made especially for Arthur. Arthur’s room is decorated in the same blues and greens shown in the blanket.  Each white square has a sea animal applique that is enhanced with hand embroidery. Each of the colored squares shows off a mini stuffed animal in it’s own habitat. Each habitat has a pocket, zipper, or ribbon tie, and a velcro dot to hold the animal in it’s place. The seahorse can be tied onto his habitat alongside the coral or placed into a pocket elsewhere on the blanket. All of the animals-the sea turtle, star fish, octopus, blue crab and sea horse can be removed and put into different pockets, enclosures or attached to a velcro dot.  This interactive blanket was made specifically for baby Arthur to play with!  The sea critters are all hand made and have hand embroidered accents. Arthur’s name is stitched in a wrapped back stitch in the center of the blanket. The front of the blanket is made of soft cotton and trimmed in apple green chenille balls. The back of the blanket is a soft white bumpy cuddle fleece framing a soft furry bright green cuddle fleece. Have fun with your blanket baby Arthur!

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