Check out little baby Ella wearing her special bib! She is such a little darling! Thanks so much for sharing your photo guys!

These personalized bibs for baby Ella coordinate with the colors and theme of her room. Pretty pink flowers hang from a mobile in her crib and fun fairies hang from the ceiling in her room! The white bib has Ella’s monogram done in a wrapped dotted straight stitch in a soft green. Underneath the monogram are three pretty pink roses with a slightly darker green leaf pattern. The roses are done in a silk ribbon wrapped stitch around regular embroidery floss of the same color. The back of the white bib is a soft pink. The soft pink bib has baby Ella’s first name done in a stem stitch in a pure white silk ribbon. Under Ella’s name is a little fairy holding a flower over her head. The fairy and flower are worked in a combination of straight stitches, french knots, and split stitches. For your own personalized Coffey creation e-mail me at !