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Round Picnic table and matching benches

This round picnic table and rounded benches are too much fun-each bench sits two children or an adult comfortably. The adorable “kiwi” mini table umbrella I found at Lowes for less than 15$ (not including the stand). The table was cut using a jig saw after drawing out my circle (I made a makeshift compass with a pencil and string attached to the middle of the wouldbe table with a nail). I used a hole saw for the middle of the table, to allow the umbrella to fit neatly through. The benches were made using two approximately 24 inch 4X6’s-cutting one through the middle in a half circle, the circle with the concave half made the inside part of the bench, and the convex part made the outside of the bench (with a whole 24 inch piece sandwiched in between the other two). I used 12 inch 4X10’s to make the legs of the benches, and eight 22 inch 4X6’s to make up the four legs of the table. I used a deck stain in the color of “Forest Floor” to stain and seal the table and benches making it ready for lots of outdoor use. I love that this little table and benches are so sturdy and durable-my little guys have already gotten lots of use out of them! If you’d like more specific instructions for making your own kids picnic table and benches-or for your own custom childrens items,  e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Playhouse Door Number! (Just like the one on the real house!)

Every play house needs it’s own address-just like Mom and Dad’s house! This house number was meant to be a replica of the one on the “real” house. The play one, though, is cut from a spare piece of plywood, sanded, and hand painted. The original was a gift from Aunt Carolyn and Uncle John years ago. Thank you again, guys! As you can tell, we have enjoyed it and are enjoying it still! For your own hand made kids art e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !