My little guys love to be just like Daddy! If Daddy’s lawn mower has a grass catcher-his needs one too! This little project was pretty easy to do, I bent up some wire hangers into a frame and used duct tape to cover any ends of the hangers, then covered it with an outdoor sturdy material and attached it to the frame by folding the edges around the wire and using fabric tac (fabric glue).  The catcher has a portion of the wire exposed to hang it right onto the lawn mower handle, this makes it extra easy to take on and off. (I think I may add a bit of velcro to hold the bottom of the catcher closer to the mower so it doesn’t drag behind-photo to be added later!!) We have already filled the catcher with lots and lots of “helicopters” and emptied it out into a garbage bag. Leonard is thrilled that he has his very own grass catcher-just like Daddy!!! For your own custom children’s items e-mail me at

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