These little finger puppets were pretty easy to do, and fun too! I found the pattern for the rabbit on Martha Stewart’s website and made just a few little changes:I used a straight stitch up the front of the bunny (easier and the blanket stitch would have made the opening too small for a finger!), and I added whiskers to the bunny by threading a small piece of embroidery floss through the nose area, spreading out the threads and spraying on a smidge of “Stiffen quick”! I also used pill resistant ivory fleece for the bunny bodies and a pinch of stuffing for the head instead of a cotton ball. Ta-da! I made the chicks by cutting basically a rounded off rectanglular shape cut about as tall as 3/4 of your index finger. Using slightly different shapes allow for different looking chicks as you can see in the photos! I used a soft furry yellow cuddle fleece, machine sewed the seam with the material inside out (fold material in half and sew along the top  where your finger tip would be and down along the side), turned out the material, added french knots for the black eyes, cut out a little orange felt beak (diamond shaped then fold in the middle), wing shapes and a tail and attached those with fabric tac!  Keep checking back for more fun ideas for your kids or e-mail me at to make your kids party favors or any custom children’s items!