This tree has lots of “hidden” shelves for books, toys, stuffed animals, whatever little Sam wants to put in it! It also has a “burrow hole” at the base of the trunk for a bunnny-or in this case Pooh Bear, and another hole midway up the trunk-where there’s an owl peeking out! Some of the shelves are parallel to the floor, others are slightly skewed with edging at the end to help stack all of those board books of miscellaneous sizes. There are also several “cuphooks” to hang fun things from the branches-like the birdhouse! This tree was sketched by hand, cut, sanded and hand painted just for little Sam. The tree is painted varying shades of brown with some ivory and light moss greens to emulate moss growing on the branches, there are even a few “broken limb” spots. I’m sure Sam will have lots of fun playing with his animals in his tree in his nature inspired bedroom! For your own custom children’s items e-mail me at !