This big box of candy is literally that-made out of a cardboard box! The cardboard has been cut, bent, hot glued and painted to look like a huge box of candy. The candy paper “holders” are made out of coffee filters and are glued to holes in the bottom of the box for a fun toss game. The candies include two chocolate kisses, a milk chocolate candy with a white chocolate swirl on top, a dark chocolate candy with a swirl on top, a light pink conversation heart with “BE MINE” on it, and a lavender conversation heart with “I (heart) U” on it. The box itself measures approximately 2&1/2 feet tall by a little over 2 feet wide. The game leans back at a about a 45 degree angle to allow for better tossing luck! ┬áKeep checking back for more fun ideas for kids and e-mail me at for your own custom made children and babies items!