If you haven’t read any of the Skippyjon Jones books-you really should put them on your list! I mean, a naughty siamese cat who likes to pretend that he’s a chiuaua?!  They are a riot for adults as well as children. My four year old has fallen in love with Skippyjon and wanted to make him a “King Hat”, pants and a pillow. Talk about a fun way to make reading come to life! David made his own king hat out of scraps of faux leather by taping it onto Skippyjon, he also made a little outfit for him. Unfortunately, he also decided to decorate his own face with markers the same day……Anyway, the next day he wanted to make a real king hat with jewels! So, we cut out a bit of cardboard, fit it to Skippyjon’s head (cut out some wedges for those big ears), and David glued on jewels and glitter. Mommy made the pants and the pillow with some scraps of material and, of course, personalized the pillow for Skippy. Next, the Skippyjon bed-with a mattress and his own special blankie. (In the book he gets wrapped up as a burrito in his little white blankie!) The bed is fashioned out of cardboard and spray painted a dark brown and has a secret compartment underneath to hide secret stuff in!   Then, of course, we had to make Skippy his very own house. We named it Le Casa Purrito (from the book where the chiuaua’s carried the “Purrito” all the way back to his room!), and painted it in fun green colors to match his cape. Skippy’s cardboard house has two balconies, a lot of windows, a door with his very own doorknob, and even a little doghouse up on the roof. The roof has a “skylight” to allow my little guys to climb in and out and the back of the building is open on the bottom half  for lots of fun play. Oh, the fun things you can do with cardboard boxes! Check out this fun website for lots of fun Skippy games and information about his books! Keep checking back for more fun ideas of things to do with your kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom baby and children’s items !