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Keepsake Box and Mini Blanket for Baby Lyla’s Christening

The personalized keepsake box is made to hold all of those precious little things from baby Lyla’s Christening. The outside lid of the box gives Lyla’s full name and the date of the Christening, and is framed in the same beautiful champagne silk as the mini blanket inside of it. The interior lid has a small puffy pocket with an “L” for Lyla embroidered on it’s center, the pocket can hold small treasures and hold them securely due to the white satin ribbon closure. The middle of the lid holds an accordion album all set for mommy and daddy to add photos and hand written memories of Lyla’s special day and is alto held in place by a white satin ribbon tie. The accordion album is personalized with Lyla’s full name, christening information and has titles on each page for mommy and daddy to record special guests who attend her Christening, gifts that she receives, information about the minister, the church, her godparents and even the Christening party-with plenty of room for favorite photos. The right side of the interior lid has a mini memory board made of the champagne silk (showing off it’s shiny satiny side) and white satin ribbons on the diagonal. The ribbons are held in place with champagne colored french knots. This mini memory board is the perfect size for small cards, photos or little mementos of Lyla’s special day. The bottom part of the box is filled with a soft cushiony champagne padding-oh, the luxury! The left side of the bottom of the box holds an invitation to Lyla’s Christening and will hold other special cards received. The Christening invitation is held in place by a champagne colored ribbon. The middle of the bottom of the box has two more champagne ribbons-for other small items that Lyla may receive such as a silver rattle or fork and spoon. The right side of the bottom portion of the box holds the special mini blanket made especially for Lyla.

This mini blanket is made of a light shantung silk-the front is the slightly nubby textured side and the back is the satiny smooth side. The champagne color is intended to coordinate with baby Lyla’s great grandmother’s christening gown. The mini blanket has Lyla’s monogram embroidered in a stem stitch in the center of the blanket. A stem stitch frames the outer edges of the blanket and the interior of the framing shows off a multitude of flowers done in varying shades of champagne-from ivory, light brown, a khaki and even a slight pink champagne. The flowers are worked using the lazy daisy stitch, french knots, back stitches, wrapped back stitches, stem stitches,  among other hand crafted embroidery stitches. For your own custom made children’s and baby’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Mini Blanket, Baby Owl and Personalized box

This mini blanket and baby owl set were made especially for baby Anika. Anika’s mother loved the blue green fabric colors AND she loves owls! The mini blanket is framed in a wrapped backstitch of blue green and brown, the tree is done in a dark brown stem stitch with varying shades of  blue green and blue buds sprouting along the limbs. A mommy and baby owl look lovingly at each other as they perch on one of the branches. The owls are worked in soft shades of blues using split and straight stitching, their tummies are white and they each have a goldish brown beaks and black french knot eyes. The baby’s monogram is embroidered using french knots and centered under the tree. The front of the blanket is a soft white cotton and the backing is the same blue green and brown material that the body of the baby owl stuffed animal is done in. The baby owl stuffed animal has the baby’s first initial embroidered on her tummy and has coordinating blue eyes. This set also comes with a coordinating personalized box. The box lid has a brown felt tree on white paper, framed in the same material as the backing of the blanket with coordinating owls perched on the tree’s branches. Both the white paper and the material on the box lid are framed with a dark brown satin ribbon.  Baby Anika’s full name is printed out in a coordinating font in dark brown and centered below the tree.  This set (like any on my site) can be made in different colors or fabrics-check out the mini blankie and owl in brown! Please do keep in mind that all items are hand made and therefore one of a kind. No two items are exactly alike-they are all unique!  For your own personalized children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Gwendolyn Outfit

I love this little outfit! It reminds me of the times of Kings and Queens. The pants are made of a sage velvet with an elastic waist band. The shirt is made of an ivory cotton on the sleeves and sides, with a sage velvet inset right in front. The ivory sleeves have hand embroidered accents of a tawny light brown chain stitch at the shoulders and at the  cuffs. The ivory part of the bodice has more chain stitching around the top and the bottom, the sage part has pin tucking at the top neck line and a wrapped back stitch in ivory at the hemline. The shoulders, the back middle, and under the arms of the shirt have elastic gatherings for a snug fit and to allow room for growth. This little peasant style blouse and pants outfit was inspired by a little princess named Gwendolyn-how fitting is that?! For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Birthday (Pan)Cakes!

It is never ending the silly stuff you can do with pancakes or waffles for kids. Try this one out-stack up several mini pancakes to make a mini breakfast “Pan” cake, although without knowing how to clean waffle makers, the end product will always be a bitter pill to swallow. Add candles and your little one has had cake for breakfast-and you feel good about it! For pancakes packed with a little extra nutrition try out this recipe.

Bubble bath paints

These paints are easy to make and easy to clean up, too! I save my empty plastic egg cartons-they are perfect for putting paints in for little ones, AND they float in the bath tub (till they get filled with water anyway!). Just add a bit of washable kids paint and mix in some dishwashing liquid. Give your kids a brush and put them in the bath for lots of good clean fun. When they’re done just wash it all away! You can also add inexpensive shaving cream to the paints for added fun.

Valentine for Dad

Oh, those little hands! Great to show off on Daddy’s desk at work and eventually to bring out again and again to remember how little they once were!

This would be great to adapt for Father’s Day, Mother’s day or any special adult in your little one’s lives!

Heart Pretzels-with powdered sugar and sugar crystals

This is the same recipe as found under the post “Homemade Fun Pretzels” -click on the Cooking section to find it. Omit the italian seasoning, shape into hearts (pinching the bottom and the inside of the top) and when finished brush the tops with butter, sprinkle with powdered sugar and colored sugar crystals.  10 minutes on 350 degrees seems to be about perfect-too much longer and they are a bit too crunchy. “Delicious!” said my 3 year old!

Baby Name Blocks

These baby name blocks show off some of the baby’s bedding (the white with blue print), a soft pink chenille, a soft baby blue, a soft ultra cuddle fleece white, a cuddle fleece with fun bumps, and of course a soft baby pink. What a fun way to show off your baby’s name, and they’re filled with soft stuffing so they’ll be easy for a little one to pick up and fun to play with! For your own custom baby or children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Big Bubbles!

This bubble machine works like a charm-producing big bubbles practically every time. Bubbles are a hit with kids from infant to at least 9!

Heart Hand prints

Oh, the giggles you get when you paint your little one’s hands! They love it-it is a bit tickly! Position those little hand prints just so (index finger to index finger and thumb to thumb, with the thumbs pointing up a bit)….then turn your paper upside down and you find-a little heart to melt your own! Watercolor or acrylic paper (the acrylic paper is a little cheaper) is great for hand prints for kids-the paper won’t roll up and doesn’t tear easily (if they’re doing painting of their own).  It also holds up great over time!