This couch just about made it to the curb. I was about to toss it out, when my husband said “Can’t you just iron something on it?” “Hmmmm,” I thought, “I think I can!” I had already tried making a vinyl “slipcover” but couldn’t figure out how to keep it in place, so I bagged that idea. Using my husband’s brilliant idea, I made a new slipcover (one that could be ironed). Then, after I was finished I ironed on this heat bond stuff (basically a double sided fusible webbing) to the wrong side of the fabric. After it was in place and cooled off I peeled off the paper backing, positioned the slipcover as perfectly and snugly as possible (I used a staple gun to affix the material to the bottom of the couch) then I ironed it right onto the couch. The lady at the fabric store said she didn’t know if it would work or not-but it did! It’s holding up to three active boys (and a Daddy) and looks 100% better! Next, I’m going to tackle our kid sized chair-they just love the kid sized furniture. For more fun ideas keep checking back and for your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at !