The Tale of Lyla Rabbit was inspired by the real baby Lyla before she was even born! Lyla’s mother and father picked out fun bunny bedding and loved all Beatrix Potter things. I started by creating some original artwork to go with baby Lyla’s room (click here to see the canvas), and then the inspiration hit! Why not write a story about a girl bunny rabbit?!  Meet Lyla Rabbit and read her very own story! Lyla Rabbit just wants to collect enough flowers to make a ring for her head. However, she is sidetracked by a yellow cat and a stone rabbit. To view and read the Lyla Rabbit Book in its entirety click here. And then, of course, baby Lyla had to have her very own Lyla Rabbit! Lyla Rabbit  is hand made from a soft light brown furry material. Her eyes, nose and mouth are hand embroidered using a darker brown embroidery floss. Lyla Rabbit comes with a pink cape that has hand embroidered flower accents worked using silk ribbon embroidery and regular floss embroidery. An “L” is embroidered in french knots on the top right side of the cape. The cape also has a white satin ribbon tie to allow it to be taken on and off. A basket for picking up Jane Magnolia blossoms and for carrying strawberries also comes with Lyla Rabbit and has a pretty pink ribbon adorning it. The basket comes with pink flower petals with hand painted stamens and four “rather large”  hot pink strawberries with green accents and tops. Lyla Rabbit even has her own mini version of “The Tale of Lyla Rabbit” book. Click here to see the Lyla Rabbit mini blanket, too! Email me at for your own personalized coffey creations!