These fun New Year’s Hats were made of scraps of wool felt and fabric. The “Happy New Year” was written on in Elmer’s glue and then glitter was shaken on. The noisemakers are recycled cans spiced up with beads, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, chenille balls, small round mirrors, faux jewels, buttons, ribbon, and recycled thread spools, all put together with a hot glue gun. The key is to have the can opener that detaches the lid from the can completely-the lid and the can are also left dull (not razor sharp!) when using this type of can opener. Put beads, beans, rice or whatever you want inside the cans, then hot glue the top right back on! Or, hot glue another can inside the first one for a variety of fun looks! These noisemakers were a hit-I also used some elmers glue and glitter to put the child’s first initial on their very own noisemaker. Not the crafty type? Or you’d like a special gift for a new mom?  E-mail me about custom made children’s items at