Okay, so they’re not making white chocolate pretzels in this photo-I know! But, I couldn’t help it! These photos just make me smile-I love the silly chef hats! I can hear the chatter now-“It’s MY turn to stir! Can I have a taste? Pleeeaase?”

But, seriously, this is one of my favorite things to make with my little guys! We make tons of these every year to give as gifts to family, friends, teachers, and ourselves, of course. They find it hard to wait till the pretzels are hardened and I find them sneaking in to get more when they think I’m not watching! This is SO easy to do you will be shocked! And, if they’re not perfect looking? Who cares? They taste amazing!

Shannon’s Secret (not really) White Chocolate Pretzel Recipe


White Vanilla Melts (can be purchased at grocery store -sometimes only during the holiday season-or Walmart  and JoAnn Fabric’s in their candy section).

Bag of Mini Pretzels.


Pour about 1&1/2 cups vanilla melts on a microwave safe plate or pie plate. Microwave on high 50 seconds, take out, do another 50 seconds, probably needs another 40 seconds (depends on microwave). Do in increments because if they get heated for too long it gets clumpy. Also, you know it’s ready when you can take a small spatula and stir it and it is mostly all melted. A few lumps (non melted pieces) is fine!

Take out of microwave. Stir with spatula and keep to one side of the plate. Put a handful of pretzels on the other size of the plate. Take your spatula and gently scoop some white vanilla melt on top of the pretzel, turn the pretzel over with a fork to make sure it is adequately covered then pick up with the fork and put on a sheet of wax paper.


1.To let your kids help you can let the vanilla melts sit for several minutes (even as long as 5-10 minutes) after they are melted and stirred. They will cool off but not harden.

2. You can let your child try to coat the pretzel or make it even a little more fun and let them make pretzel “haystacks”. Put the pretzels in a ziploc bag and let them crunch then up with a small rolling pin. Dump the pretzel pieces on the pie plate, mix with the vanilla melts, then scoop small stacks onto the wax paper.

3. Add nonpareils or small bits of candy to the top of the pretzels (before the white chocolate hardens).

4. Instead of pretzels used crunched up candy canes for “candy cane bark”!

*Pretzels will usually harden in 3-5 minutes. Have fun!