This “Pet Shop Palace” was made for all of Claudia’s Littlest Pet Shop creatures.  The shelving was all handcrafted and hand painted especially for Claudia! There’s a balcony especially for Niku-the littlest hamster who has been with Claudia ever since she was a baby-he even has his own sign “Niku’s Pad”. The Palace is set up as a shelving system with two opening doors attached to the front middle made in the shape of a house. The house doors have six larger windows (two with flower pots and flowers), four circular windows and two mini doors that open at the bottom. There is a fireplace set up with a couch on the left, two additional mantles  or mini shelving, three additional mini shelves (one with a magnetic strip to attach more pet shop guys!), and a magnetic flower on the bottom right. The palace is enhanced with artwork depicting several different scenes to go with all of the different types of Pet Shop animals that Claudia has. Open the large house doors to see an aquarium on the top level (with a mini shelf to place a fish or other sea creature), the next level down sports scatter flat ferns and the flat trees as seen in Africa for Claudia’s safari animals, and the next level down is a desert scene also with a mini shelf to perch a lizard getting warmed up in the sun! On the bottom right of the palace is a flower garden with a magnetic flower to attach a butterfly or ladybug pet shop pet to. Notice when the large doors are opened the additional wooden pieces on the left and right- these were made to perch pet shop creatures on and actually hang them from, Claudia’s name is “hidden” in the swirly designs painted on them. A sign with “Claudia’s Pet Shop Palace” and the address of her palace is hung from the shelving from cathedral chains.  This project isn’t quite yet completed-check back again for more details! For your own custom children’s creations e-mail me at !