This pumpkin pie is sure to delight-but not by eating it! These little “bean bag” foods are actually stuffed with bulk corn and fashioned out of scrap pieces of felt and other materials. The food pieces include a piece of pumpkin pie, a dinner roll, a carrot, a corn on the cob, a turkey drumstick and a green bean. A little embroidery enhances the look of the corn and the carrot. My favorite, though is the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie! As for the toss box-yes, it’s made from a cardboard box! I took a fun picture from clipart (I love clipart!!!!) and turned it into a fun toss game for my little guys preschool Thanksgiving party! With holes for the pilgrim’s mouth and tummy, one in the turkey’s tummy, and one for the sun and the pilgrim’s hat-the kids are sure to make some food go in somewhere!  The toss box stands just a little over two feet high and is approximately two feet wide. It is made to sit at an angle to allow kids to get as much in the box as possible!  I could easily make this out of wood, for lots of fun use over the years! (check out some of my fun wooden creations here: Wooden Noah’s Ark, and the Octopus Shelf are just a couple!  Want your own custom coffey creation? Email me at !