This little wedding dress is intended for lots of fun pretend play! The dress was fashioned out of scraps left over from the cutting down of an old wedding dress. The bodice of this dress is actually made of one of  the former dress’s cap sleeves, the front body of the dress is made up of scraps of wonderfully heavy satin, pieced together vertically in the front. The back of the dress has lots of elastic gatherings under the arms and on the back top to hold the little dress up, and allow for lots of different little girls sizes! The back bottom of the dress is made up of horizontally placed scrap satin, with the back bow from the original wedding gown, and the “train” is made up of a lighter, filmier, satin. To have your old bridesmaids dresses or a wedding dress (from a consignment store?) turned into multiple fabulous pretend play items e-mail me at !  (The original dress has made two mini  wedding dresses, a long skirt, and a ruffly shirt (wedding outfit!), and a purse! See the ruffly shirt and long skirt here!)