This pajama set is soft and comfy and made especially for little Hampton. The pants are hand made of a soft ¬†evergreen and white striped cotton and have white piping at the cuffs. The shirt is a ¬†soft cotton t-shirt (purchased from Target) and enhanced with a Christmas tree made out of the same fun green and white striped material of the pants. The tree’s ornaments are made using a triple french knot, the snowflake on top of the tree is made using straight and back stitches, and the framing of the tree is done in a spaced straight stitch. The t-shirt also has Hampton’s name on it in a back stitch. Hampton’s bib has his monogram embroidered on it in lots of french knots, the backing is made of a soft white cotton. The adorable Reindeer Box was purchased at Target and personalized for Hampton using acrylic paint and a permanent marker. I’d say this little guy is ready for Santa! For your own personalized Christmas children’s items e-mail me at !