This Frankenstein was perfect for preschool and lower elementary school kids! The preschool kids just loved rolling the “eyeballs” into Frankenstein’s mouth, and the older kids loved seeing who could putt the eyeballs right into his mouth using plastic golf clubs! Made with a box, craft paint, construction paper for hair, and crayola model magic (available at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics, even WalMart and Target have smaller packets of it!) for the teeth and eyeballs-this guy was pretty easy to do! I attached the head to a “golf hole” that we had gotten with a kids golf set, and the eyeballs and teeth with a glue gun.  I drew the pupil, eye color, and some blood vessels to make the ping pong balls nice and bloodshot. I also used some soft foam golf balls-they were yellow-good for monster eyes! For other craft and fun ideas for you and your kids check out Fun Crafts for kids.