Meet Cece the Buckeye Fairy! What is a Buckeye Fairy you ask? Well, Cece is a special fairy that holds a pacifier in her secret back pocket under her wings, and a Buckeye is what Elena calls a pacifier. “Cece the Buckeye Fairy came into existence knowing that she was Elena’s and that Elena was her mother’s peach.” To view the rest of the Cece the Buckeye Fairy book, click on the following link. Cece was named after Elena’s middle name (Cecelia), and is sporting a dress made of one of Elena’s baby shirts. Cece comes with her own special pillow bed (note the pillow on the bed-also made from Elena’s baby shirt!), her magic wand that contains one special wish for Elena when she decides that she is ready to give up her paci, a personalized keepsake box, and the Cece Book. The Cece book tells the story of Cece, how she gets stuck in a rosebush, helps a lost baby bunny find his way home and then finds her way to Elena to get her wand! The story is peppered with special sayings from Elena’s real mother and herself, contains actual photos of the real Elena, and a special dedication from her mommy. I hope that Elena will cherish her Cece and special book for years to come! For your own personalized children’s gifts e-mail me at