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Candy Cane Christmas PJ’s!

These pajamas are just as sweet as the candy cane stripes they show off! These pajamas feature white piping on the sleeves, collar, button front of shirt and the pant cuffs. All seams are finished by a serger. These were last years PJ’s, I can’t wait to do this years! For your own handmade children’s and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Spiderman Shades

p10100021Finally! Spiderman shades to go with the Spiderman room! Check out David’s Spiderman City and the Daily Bugle! I made these shades out of a flat sheet from PBK’s Spiderman sheet set. The rest of the set is on the bed! And now on David’s hat! For your own handmade children’s items email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Cece the Buckeye Fairy, Pillow Bed, Wand, Box AND Book!

Meet Cece the Buckeye Fairy! What is a Buckeye Fairy you ask? Well, Cece is a special fairy that holds a pacifier in her secret back pocket under her wings, and a Buckeye is what Elena calls a pacifier. “Cece the Buckeye Fairy came into existence knowing that she was Elena’s and that Elena was her mother’s peach.” To view the rest of the Cece the Buckeye Fairy book, click on the following link. Cece was named after Elena’s middle name (Cecelia), and is sporting a dress made of one of Elena’s baby shirts. Cece comes with her own special pillow bed (note the pillow on the bed-also made from Elena’s baby shirt!), her magic wand that contains one special wish for Elena when she decides that she is ready to give up her paci, a personalized keepsake box, and the Cece Book. The Cece book tells the story of Cece, how she gets stuck in a rosebush, helps a lost baby bunny find his way home and then finds her way to Elena to get her wand! The story is peppered with special sayings from Elena’s real mother and herself, contains actual photos of the real Elena, and a special dedication from her mommy. I hope that Elena will cherish her Cece and special book for years to come! For your own personalized children’s gifts e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Cece Watercolor Paintings

These are the original watercolors for the Cece the Buckeye Fairy book. The watercolors were actually a combination of acrylic paints, water, and permanent markers. For a look at the book click on this link.  For your own custom watercolor paintings e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Fun Winter Boys Hats!

These fun boys hats were fairly easy to make and are great for keeping those ears warm! The bear hat and the spiderman hat are both made out of a soft pill resistant fleece. The spiderman applique was made using a cut out of spiderman (from PBK’s Spiderman sheet set!) and attached with fusible webbing. The black hat with the skull and crossbones was made out of a soft stretchy terrycloth. The skull and crossbones was a furry fleece material also attached with fusible webbing. Fleece is pretty easy to work with as the ends don’t unravel and it’s pretty forgiving if you mess up!  For a first time project fleece is a great one to try. Not the sewing type or you want a special hat for a little guy or girl you know?  E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own fun kids hats!

Ghost Footprints

These ghosts are a perfect way to preserve how little those feet were! I love being able to use footprints (or hand prints) for seasonal decorating! The first ghosts are just tracings of a foot on white cardstock paper, eyes drawn on for fun, and a label printed out for future identification. The ghosts are made 3D using mounting tape (love that stuff!). The second set of ghostly footprints is an actual print made using white paint on black paper. E-mail me at shannon
@coffeycreationsforkids and I’ll make a personalized kit just for your little ones feet!

Bleach Pen Craft for Kids-Art Shirt

My 9 year old son loved doing this “craft”! He needed an Art Shirt for school-they recommend one of Dad’s Old Shirts. So, I let Cole decorate his however he wanted with a Clorox Bleach Pen. Just remember to put something between the layers of the shirt so it doesn’t soak through!

David’s Art Portfolio

Wow! What to do with all that art that comes home from preschool?! I found this great little notebook at Target-it has lots of clear plastic sleeves that are perfect for sliding the art down into. I put one of my favorite photos of my little guy doing a painting on the front and labeled it David’s Art 2008. Then I cut a little bigger piece of laminating paper and put it right over the photo and label to keep it smudge free. David loves his Art book and he loves to show it off! Keep checking back for more fun ideas of what to do with all that kid art!

TJ’s Guitar Wall Shelf

Made to match TJ’s new electric guitar, this shelf will hold (and hide) lots of fun stuff! The shelf is made to hang horizontally with the main body of the guitar on the right side. The shelf  is 7 inches in depth, the perfect size for all of those books TJ is reading! This handcrafted, handpainted guitar is actually the mirror image of TJ’s original. Happy Birthday TJ!

Frankenstein Golf

This Frankenstein was perfect for preschool and lower elementary school kids! The preschool kids just loved rolling the “eyeballs” into Frankenstein’s mouth, and the older kids loved seeing who could putt the eyeballs right into his mouth using plastic golf clubs! Made with a box, craft paint, construction paper for hair, and crayola model magic (available at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics, even WalMart and Target have smaller packets of it!) for the teeth and eyeballs-this guy was pretty easy to do! I attached the head to a “golf hole” that we had gotten with a kids golf set, and the eyeballs and teeth with a glue gun.  I drew the pupil, eye color, and some blood vessels to make the ping pong balls nice and bloodshot. I also used some soft foam golf balls-they were yellow-good for monster eyes! For other craft and fun ideas for you and your kids check out Fun Crafts for kids.