This crown is fit for a queen! Virginia decided she liked the look of a few special sea shells and lots of sand in between. I found this fun craft for kids at Disney Family fun. However, if you used ¬†regular glue for the seashells you may never actually get it done-it would take forever to dry and you’d have to hold the shells in place…..uggh. We used a glue gun (which Aunt Shannon had to do to be safe!) and Virginia applied the seashells. We also liked the neat effect of using the glue gun to adhere the sand-lots of swirls! We filled in some spaces using the Elmer’s glue. I cut the pattern for the crown out of a cardboard yogurt box that was going to be thrown away, carefully measured it on Virginia’s head and then hot glued it together. ¬†All-in-all a fun craft and one that you can play with at the beach and take home for more fun pretend play!!