This Hello Kitty 3D artwork was made to coordinate with Julia’s Hello Kitty Mod Shopper bedding. The artwork was made by cutting out scrapbooking paper and layering it carefully with mounting tape for a 3D effect! Watch out! Hello Kitty is shopping up a storm for Julia! Wonder what’s in all of those boxes wrapped up for her?! ┬áNotice that the Hello Kitty art also has three dots (continuing the theme from the bedding) below the kitty. The dots show off ┬áJulia’s monogram. The Stack of Boxes has a tag saying “To: Julia, From: Hello Kitty”. The Hellow Kitty Shopper and Stack of Boxes are in the larger frames, and the trio of smaller frames contains a Hello Kitty Hanger, a purse, and a little pair of shoes adorned with a flower. Ribbon, buttons, and a gem also enhance the Hello Kitty 3D art. Check out the matching Hello Kitty bag. For your own custom made personalized art contact me at !