At this Spiderman Birthday Party the kids webbed up Sandman and Venom (using silly string), and got to ride the Green Goblin’s Glider! ┬áThe Sandman and Venom’s torso’s were created using cardboard boxes, the heads were made with a gallon milk container for Venom and a large juice bottle for Sandman. The kids loved being able to squirt the silly string into ┬áSandman and Venom’s heads and into the hole that Spiderman had punched through Sandman’s stomach! I painted Sandman with craft paint and added puffy paint to Venom for a bit of dimension. The plastic jugs are best painted with spray paint and enhanced with permanent markers and craft paint. The “goblin glider” is a scooter with wings attached with duct tape and “fire” coming out the back! The only limitation to what you can create with cardboard is time!!! Mommy, can we make a Rhino, too?!