Got some unused boxes?¬†I created a whole city for Spiderman and his other action figure friends! With some extra boxes, spray and craft paint, a box cutter, duct tape and some imagination I made Oscorp, a ¬†factory where the bad guys hang out (complete with smokestacks), a restaurant for Peter and Mary Jane to meet in, Peter’s apartment building and the large building where Spiderman rescues Mary Jane. The building where Mary Jane is recued (Spiderman 1, I think), actually has a detachable balcony. The balcony can actually hang (just like in the movie!) with an action figure on it (Mary Jane is hard to find) that Spiderman can save. The baclony literally hangs by a string and is easily put back in place when the play changes. The other large building has a break-through wall. I cut out a “broken” pattern and carefully fit it back into place. The action figures can literally break through the wall over and over! Wow are they strong! My boys loved these buildings!