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Queen ‘O the Sea Crown

This crown is fit for a queen! Virginia decided she liked the look of a few special sea shells and lots of sand in between. I found this fun craft for kids at Disney Family fun. However, if you used  regular glue for the seashells you may never actually get it done-it would take forever to dry and you’d have to hold the shells in place…..uggh. We used a glue gun (which Aunt Shannon had to do to be safe!) and Virginia applied the seashells. We also liked the neat effect of using the glue gun to adhere the sand-lots of swirls! We filled in some spaces using the Elmer’s glue. I cut the pattern for the crown out of a cardboard yogurt box that was going to be thrown away, carefully measured it on Virginia’s head and then hot glued it together.  All-in-all a fun craft and one that you can play with at the beach and take home for more fun pretend play!!

Hello Kitty 3D Artwork

This Hello Kitty 3D artwork was made to coordinate with Julia’s Hello Kitty Mod Shopper bedding. The artwork was made by cutting out scrapbooking paper and layering it carefully with mounting tape for a 3D effect! Watch out! Hello Kitty is shopping up a storm for Julia! Wonder what’s in all of those boxes wrapped up for her?!  Notice that the Hello Kitty art also has three dots (continuing the theme from the bedding) below the kitty. The dots show off  Julia’s monogram. The Stack of Boxes has a tag saying “To: Julia, From: Hello Kitty”. The Hellow Kitty Shopper and Stack of Boxes are in the larger frames, and the trio of smaller frames contains a Hello Kitty Hanger, a purse, and a little pair of shoes adorned with a flower. Ribbon, buttons, and a gem also enhance the Hello Kitty 3D art. Check out the matching Hello Kitty bag. For your own custom made personalized art contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

The Coffey Shop Sign

My boys (and all of their friends!) love to play “store”. I’ve been wanting to make a sign for a while-so I finally just did it! They love taking turns being the store owner and being the shopper. I painted the sign on a piece of scrap wood, and drilled two holes for hanging. For your own custom made fun sign email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com What does your child like to play? Check out Allison’s favorite thing-the Hair Salon!

Cardboard Building’s-Oscorp and More!

Got some unused boxes? I created a whole city for Spiderman and his other action figure friends! With some extra boxes, spray and craft paint, a box cutter, duct tape and some imagination I made Oscorp, a  factory where the bad guys hang out (complete with smokestacks), a restaurant for Peter and Mary Jane to meet in, Peter’s apartment building and the large building where Spiderman rescues Mary Jane. The building where Mary Jane is recued (Spiderman 1, I think), actually has a detachable balcony. The balcony can actually hang (just like in the movie!) with an action figure on it (Mary Jane is hard to find) that Spiderman can save. The baclony literally hangs by a string and is easily put back in place when the play changes. The other large building has a break-through wall. I cut out a “broken” pattern and carefully fit it back into place. The action figures can literally break through the wall over and over! Wow are they strong! My boys loved these buildings!

The Tale of Lyla Rabbit-Mini Blanket

This mini blanket was made to match baby Lyla’s original artwork. The tree trunk is hand embroidered using stem stitches, the flowers on the tree are made using silk embroidery ribbon and embroidery floss for their middles. The bunny is made using split stitches for her body and french knots for her tail, she also has an appliqued pink cape with some backstitching.  The little bird is made using straight stitches and the title is made with backstitches. The blanket is framed with galloon lace with a pretty pink ribbon woven through it and more baby blue edging. The galloon lace coordinates with the original baby bedding and the pillow shams in the baby’s room. The front of the mini blanket is a soft baby blue that coordinates with the baby bedding and room color, the back of the blanket is a soft cuddle fleece with fun bumps (it makes me think of bunny tails!).  For your own custom made mini blanket e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Cardboard Sandman and Venom/Goblin Glider

At this Spiderman Birthday Party the kids webbed up Sandman and Venom (using silly string), and got to ride the Green Goblin’s Glider!  The Sandman and Venom’s torso’s were created using cardboard boxes, the heads were made with a gallon milk container for Venom and a large juice bottle for Sandman. The kids loved being able to squirt the silly string into  Sandman and Venom’s heads and into the hole that Spiderman had punched through Sandman’s stomach! I painted Sandman with craft paint and added puffy paint to Venom for a bit of dimension. The plastic jugs are best painted with spray paint and enhanced with permanent markers and craft paint. The “goblin glider” is a scooter with wings attached with duct tape and “fire” coming out the back! The only limitation to what you can create with cardboard is time!!! Mommy, can we make a Rhino, too?!

Cardboard Action Figure Bike/Skateboard Park

What CAN’T you do with cardboard?! If you’ve got boxes, a box cutter, duct tape and some spray paint you can create your own awesome Action Figure Bike or Skateboard Park! This one has a few stairs, a grinding rail, a half-pipe, and a winding ramp off to the side. Bending the corrugated cardboard helps give it the shape you want (bend in the same direction as the corrugation)  and duct tape holds it in place.  Cardboard activities are great for rainy days or when you have kids who are saying “I’m BORED!!”.