This Hot Air Balloon Bunny Mobile was made to coordinate with baby Lyla’s bunny bedding. Of course, I had to make the little bunnies as girly as possible-perfect for a little Princess! Each bunny has a special dress, different colored eyes, a flower for her hair or in her hand. The bunny in the Hot Air Balloon has a white satin dress, a tiara, and a bouquet of flowers. The bunnies and hot air balloon were all hand sewn and have hand embroidered detailing-some with embroidery floss and some with silk embroidery ribbon. Satin ribbons also detail the hot air balloon as well as some of the bunnies dresses. The hot air balloon has the letter “L” -for Lyla-hand embroidered in french knots in a french script. The mobile is hung from soft clouds fashioned out of soft baby batting, to give the feel that the balloon is floating in the sky! For your one of a kind baby and children’s items email me at !