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Baby Shower Invitations

These baby shower invitations were handmade to match the baby-to-be’s nursery colors and theme! For your own personalized invitations made to your specifications email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Radioactive Spider on Shorts and Hat

img_8588-400-x-600A hand embroidered radioactive spider adorns this hat and shorts set-for the ultimate Spiderman fan! The spider is made using a combination of back stitches, straight stitches, and french knots. The spider has red and blue detailing just like the one that bit Spiderman! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for more information about making something special for your child!

Circus Animals and Wall Art

Oh my! Is this the cutest little baby ever?! The baby blanket, circus animals and “Hampton’s Circus” wall art were made  to coordinate with his bedding and room colors. Hampton also got  personalized notecards and Handprint cards to match his theme (check under Personalized Note Cards to see them!). The “Hampton’s Circus” wall art displays a circus theme as well as gives all of the baby’s birth information.  The blanket is personalized with the baby’s name in a hand embroidered chain stitch, framed with “sand dollar” colored bias tape and more hand embroidery in a combination of a back stitch and french knots. The elephant is a hand made applique with embroidered detailing. The blanket’s bias framing coordinates with the blanket’s backing. The elephant and giraffe stuffed animals are hand made and also have embroidered detailing. The animals have covered wire enclosed in the limbs for posing fun!

Octopus Shelf

Leonard and his octopus shelf! Leonard and his Octopus shelf!

I made this shelf to go with Leonard’s ocean themed room. He has the smallest bedroom so I wanted him to have some extra storage for books and toys that didn’t take up too much space. The Octopus has little round mirrors for  “suckers”  and hooks to hang toys on the arms as well as underneath. The shelf was made with the Octopus in front to allow Leonard to reach into the Octopus to put things in and take them out.  It adds fun and allows you to hide things!

Mini Baby Blanket and Baby Sham with Pillow

This mini blankie has hand embroidered framing around the baby’s first initial. The initial is hand embroidered using a multitude of french knots, the framing uses a combination of aback stitch and french knots. The blankie has a soft cotton front, trimmed in white chenille balls and a white supersoft cuddle fleece backing. The sham (as well as the blankie) were made to match the baby’s bedding and has coordinating colors of “Sand dollar” and white. The sham’s front is white and is framed with the sand dollar bias tape, the sham’s backing is the sand dollar color. The baby’s first name is hand embroidered in the center of the pillow using a chain stitch.

Girls Swing Sun Blouse and Long shorts

This fun stripey outfit has a fun blousy swing shirt with adjustable satin bows in the back and a fun pocket in the front. Claudia is enjoying the little handmade dragonfly that comes with it and fits perfectly in the pocket. The hat and long shorts also have satin ribbons to adjust the fit-not to mention add to the girliness. All of this-the hat, shirt, shorts and dragonfly-was made from a slightly worn men’s dress shirt. To have your own Green Stuff made email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com ! For more information check under Pricing and Green Stuff.

Boys shorts and Funky Hat

This short and hat set was made out of a pair of Dad’s old pants!!!! The hat shows off a pant pocket with button detailing which allows for a fun place to store small treasures! Email me at shannon@coffeycreations.com for Green wear for your own child!

Boys Plaid Shorts, Shirt, and hat-with Turtles!

This shorts set is made of one of Dad’s old dress shirts! The buttons and button holes make adorable detailing on the hat and the shorts have pockets in the back sporting buttons also. The shirt has hand made appliques of fun turtles. The head, legs, tails and part of the shell are detailed with straight stitch hand embroidery. Turn an old men’s dress shirt into a fun outfit for your child! email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com. See pricing for general pricing guidelines.

Three Little Bunnies in a Basket!

These little Peter Rabbit Bunnies are knitted with soft wool yarn and then felted. Each bunny has his own little blue jacket (with brass buttons, quite new), woven brown leather sandals, and a carrot to munch on! The bunnies each have hand embroidered eyes, nose and mouth, and a blue heart on their bum! They have soft cream wool pom-pom tails!

Personalized Easter Bib and Carrot Rattle

img_8421This Easter bib sports a hand made applique boy bunny with the baby’s first initial backstitched onto his short-all’s! The carrot “rattle” has little bells inside that make it jingle!