These Easter Eggs are easy to do and will last forever! The wooden eggs can be purchased at your local JoAnn Fabrics store.  Let your little ones paint them up, seal them with an acrylic sealer, attach a hook and ribbon, and voila! A keepsake to decorate with every Easter!  One tip-when putting out the paint for your child keep to the same color family. For example, put orange, yellow and white on one plate, then pink, lavender and white for another, blue, purple and white for another, green, blue and white, etc. Mixing the yellow and orange with the other colors will turn your egg a nice shade of brown…which may be realistic-but perhaps not as pretty! Another thing children seem to want to do is to mix all the colors before putting it on the egg, encourage them to put the colors on the egg THEN mix it!  You can also print on the finished egg with a permanent marker your child’s name and the year.