Well, here it is! A desk/bookcase/toy holder for the action figure lovers in our household. Made especially for Spiderman (note the Daily Bugle), but Batman, the Hulk, Power Rangers and lots of other Super Heroes and/or Villians have enjoyed jumping from building to building already. There are several holes cut out for action figure get aways, as well as several windows, a door and a parking garage opening. These allow for maximum play time! The cubby doors all have magnetic closures to (hopefully) keep some of those action figures put away. The buildings include a “Coffey House” and a UPS store. Check out the buildings to see who may be getting ready to cause some trouble! I carefully cut out some stickers (Black Cat, The Vulture, Sandman and a Spiderman) and attached them to various parts of the building. The figures were then sealed using an acrylic matte finish. For your own custom Coffeycreationsforkids e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !