img_8514How about a new twist on Turkey Handprints?! These little turkeys represent each one of my little turkeys! Simply trace your child’s handprint on a piece of paper, use that handprint as a pattern on a piece of brown felt (be sure to cut two pieces), then sew together leaving a small spot at the bottom part of the handprint open to stuff.  After stuffing your turkey fashion his legs out of stem wire and cover with brown stem tape. Insert legs into turkey and hot glue to close opening. Cut out beak from yellow felt, the comb from red felt (I used a dark burgandy), and hot glue  in place. The eyes are embroidered in a yellow french knot, but you can glue on googly eyes if you like! And Voila! A precious keepsake to remember just how little those hands were!  Not to mention fun Thanksgiving decorations-why are those so hard to find?!!! Seem too complicated, or you just aren’t the crafty type? Maybe you want to give a precious keepsake gift to a new mom?! Send me your handprints and I’ll do the turkey for you! Email me at !