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St. Patrick’s Hand Print Kit

This kit is personalized with your child’s name and the date of this year’s St. Patricks day! It contains three cards-one for you to keep, and one for each set of grandparents (or other special family or friends). Create your own “five leaf clover” by capturing your child’s handprint on watercolor paper and using coordinating paint. This kit even comes with a paint brush, two pieces of watercolor paper per card (in case your little one moves his hand and smudges the print!), envelopes for the cards, adhesive squares to attach the print to the card and a keepsake box (also personalized with your child’s first name).  The St. Patrick’s Hand Print kit is best purchased for children ages 0-4 (in order for their little hand to fit on the print card!)

Baby Blanket

This blanket has is framed with baby blue ric rac and has the baby’s name hand embroidered using a chain stitch in the center. White chenille balls trim the blanket and the back of the blanket is made of a baby blue super soft cuddle fleece.

Mini Baby Blanket

This mini baby blanket has airplane and helicopter appliques to match the baby’s room theme. The blanket is framed in a bias tape of the same material as the baby pillow, burp cloths, tee pees and Pointy Kitty. The blanket is made of a white dot print fabric on the front, plain white on the back and edged with white chenille balls.

Tee Pees-for newborn baby boys!

img_4662_resize1Having had three newborn baby boys of my own-these would really have come in handy! But, alas, I have only seen or heard of these after my little guys were out of the random spraying age. These adorable tee-pees cover the little boy’s private area to prevent mom or dad (or grandma or grandpa!) from getting sprinkles of tinkles while doing those diaper changes. The pattern for the adorable Pointy Kitty on the left can be found at http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/store/pointykitty.html . I made this one to match Sam’s blanket, pillow, burp cloths, and tee pee’s. Pointy Kitty also has a name tag that says “I belong to Sam.”


This canopy was made to coordinate with Lindsey’s Dogs and Cats bedding. The “Lindsey Loves Dogs and Cats” is hand embroidered as are the french knots (dots!). The canopy is trimmed with many different colored ribbons and white chenille balls. The Dogs and Cats portion is framed in turquoise polka dotted ribbon, as is the “L” for Lindsay at the other end. The underneath of the canopy is also framed in the turquoise polka dot ribbon.

Dogs and Cats Wall Shelf

img_76891This Dogs and Cats wall shelf was made to match the bedding in the child’s room. The open top shelf has a dog and a cat in the front to help contain whatever is placed on it. The bottom shelf has a cat door to hide tissues or whatever your little girl wants to put in there!

Hair Salon Shelving

This shelf has a door! The door can be used to hide things (that perhaps you don’t necessarily want to display)! There are also two frames on the door that pictures can be inserted into. So, when Allison tires of the Hair Salon theme, she can put in photos of herself with her favorite friends or whatever art she creates!

Allison’s Hair Salon Sign

img_7707Do all little girls like to play Hair Salon? I know Allison does! Now she has her very own sign to go along with the salon. Call now for your appointment, I hear it takes forever to get in to see her. This sign was painted on wood and hung from white chains from the ceiling. I used regular and textured paint to add depth to this retro painting that has hairdryers, fingernail polish and everything else you’d expect to see at a salon.

Poodle Hanging Rack/Wall Art

img_7687This Poodle serves two purposes-fun wall art, plus the feet have wooden knobs to hang sweaters, jackets, or whatever else a little girl could want!  This pink poodle coordinates with the bedding and the “Dogs and buycbdproducts theme in Lindsey’s room. The frame contains coordinating scrapbooking paper and is personalized with Lindsey’s name.

Dog and Cat Stuffed Animals

These stuffed animals were made to match the child’s existing bedding. The dogs and cats were painted onto the fabric and enhanced with embroidery floss. The animals also have covered wire inside of some of the legs to allow the child to bend and pose the animal however she wants to!